OE Lido 2 Coffee Grinder

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  • Orphan Espresso Lido 2 Coffee Grinder
  • OE Lido 2 Coffee Grinder
  • Orphan Espresso Lido 2 Coffee Grinder
  • OE Lido 2 Coffee Grinder


The manual LIDO 2 Coffee Grinder is in a class above the rest. It is the Cadillac of manual grinders. The Lido 2 can grind from coffee Turkish to French Press and everything in between.With ultimate flexibility, top notch design, and made to exact specifications, the LIDO 2 will never let you down. This is a buy once and it last's lifetime grinder. The grind size in this grinder is very consistent and uniform for even extraction while brewing. You'll love this grinder. 



  • Grinder
  • 8 oz. Anti-Static Catch Jar
  • Funnel
  • Rubber Counter Stand
  • Anti-static Natural Bristle Cleaning Brush
  • Hex Tool For Cleaning, Assembly/Disassembly

Features include:

  1. 48 mm Etzinger swiss steel conical grinding burr set
  2. Die cast hands with integrated funnel for easy bean loading
  3. Soft grip easy turning knob
  4. Large capacity food grade BPA free plastic hopper holds unto 70 grams (10 TBS) of coffee beans
  5. Bronze dual axel replaceable bearing system for complete grinding stability and consistent particle size
  6. Micrometric steeples external grind size adjustment system
  7. One Step disassembly process for trouble free cleaning with included natural bristle brush
  8. Assembly/Disassemble uses a single tool (Included)
  9. Weight 2.35 pounds
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