About Us

Drink Your Coffee for a Cure

RitualCup believes that specialty coffee, sourced from the most discerning farmers from around the world, imported by top-notch importers, then roasted by artisan roastmasters and delivered fresh to your door, will be a catalyst for positive worldwide change. RitualCup has joined the fight to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Every coffee purchase is earmarked for the Ronald Schopke Legacy Fund.

Ronald Schopke, the loving and caring father to Ronica Lynch, Monica Hart and Rob Schopke, is fighting his battle with end stage Alzheimer’s. Photo Ronald Schopke, Ronica, Monica & RyanAlzheimer’s slowly robs the patient of the person they are. With Alzheimer’s, the patient’s memories are lost, the ability to speak, walk, eat and smile are all lost. Slowly, the disease takes the entire life of the patient.

My sisters and I have watched as the father we love so much has been slowly taken away from us. The path of Alzheimer’s has, at times, made my sisters and I feel helpless to assist our dad, ease his suffering, and give him the care he needs. We all love him so much. 

I have decided to take my love for delicious coffee and merge it with the love I have for my dad. I have taken the helpless feelings I have had at times and created a lasting legacy for my dad. I created RitualCup and the Ronald Schopke Legacy Fund to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. A portion of every sale of coffee will fund the Ronald Schopke Legacy Fund, which will be used to fund Alzheimer’s associations, research, education and patient care. 

I believe in educating and developing leaders and that they are vital for communities and societal advancements. RitualCup will provide our local communities with employment opportunities and help cultivate leaders who lead from the front. We will provide local and national organizations with funding to advance the cause of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, developing educational opportunities and care services for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

It’s time to make a difference. Drink your coffee for a cure.

Rob Schopke